Bikeway of advanced nations

 Country Bikeway   Year
 Canada  Trans Canada Trail Bikeway(Crossing Canada)  From May to November of 2011
 Australia  Crossing Australia by bicycle  From November of 2014 to January of 2015
 France     Bikeway from Paris to Mont-St-Michel  May of 2017
 The way of St. James  From May to June of 2013
 Bikeway along the Loire River  June of 2013
 Bikeway along the Atlantic Coast  June of 2013
 Spain  The way of St. James  June of 2013
 United Kingdom  Crossing England  From May to June of 2017
 Netherlands  Bikeway crossing Netherlands  June of 2017
 Germany    Bikeway along the Rhein River  From June to July of 2017
 Bikeway along the Neckar River  July of 2017
 Bikeway along the Donau River  July of 2017
 Austria  Bikeway along the Donau River July of 2017